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Fact Sheets

  Slim Seven
Fresh pork has shaped up and slimmed down so much in recent years that pork tenderloin is just as lean as a skinless chicken breast. The facts are on this card.
Research shows the benefits of inlcuding pork in a healthy diet.
 Pork FNCE Infographic
An infographic guide for lean pork and the new labeling. 

Studies have shown that diets that include lean meats like lean pork cuts can contribute to weight loss and ongoing weight maintence.
 Carbon Footprint Fact Sheet
America's pork producers understand the responsiblity that their farming choices have on the soil, water and land that they call home.
With diabetes affecting over 8 percent of the US population, lean pork is a healthy option for everyone with its combination of low calorie density and high nutrient density.
A study recently published in Nutrition Research estimates the nutritional contributions of fresh and fresh, lean pork to the diets of American adults.

  Sodium Nitrite: Essential to Food Safety
Not only is sodium nitrite a safe and regulated food additive, but industry efforts have also lowered residual nitrite levels in cured meat products in the United States
   Pork: Part of a Nutrient-Rich Solution to Obesity
Protein in the form of lean meats such as pork can play an integral role in the solution to the obesity epidemic by increasing satiety, reducing hunger sensations and preserving lean muscle mass
  Balancing Animal Proteins on the new American Plate
Aligning with the much anticipated Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010, will no doubt mean choosing foods that are high in nutrient density, while low in energy density.
Online nutrition teaching resource that features the new MyPlate food guide for classroom activities.
An additional supplemental resource for activities to teach students about making smart dietary choices.


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