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Leanest Cuts of Pork

The cuts below meet the guidelines for “lean” (less than 10 g fat, 4.5 g saturated fat and 95 mg cholesterol) with pork tenderloin meeting the guidelines for “extra lean” (less than 5 g fat, 2 grams of sat fat and 95 mg cholesterol)

The tenderloin is the leanest cut of pork - a 3-ounce serving contains 120 calories and 2.98 grams of total fat – as lean as a skinless chicken breast. Other lean cuts (based on a 3-ounce cooked serving) include boneless loin roast with 147 calories and 5.3 grams of fat; boneless loin chops with 153 calories and 6.2 grams of fat, and boneless ham (extra lean) with 123 calories and 4.7 grams of fat. A 2-ounce serving of Canadian-style bacon contains 86 calories and 3.9 grams of fat.
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